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Niriall: I thought that Felix was a good guy because in the RvB11 commentary you compared him to Han Solo...
Miles: ♫ I liiiied ♫
Imagine if they pulled this in Star Wars? Like, Han Solo and Boba Fett were working together the whole time. I think about this alot.
Uncle Sam

Samson Jefferson was in the same squad as Allison Church.

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So Epsilon is an AI with a light blue avatar, has a close bond to his serious, soldier-like partner, is the lighthearted one of the two (all things considered), is somewhat unstable, and is generally sexualized by the fandom?

Guys, is Epsilon a gender-flipped version of Cortana? 


idk why it’s so funny to me that Miles’ mom misspelled his name in this tweetimage

I would say it’s more suprising that she actually watched the season, but then I realized that a) her son worked on it, and as a supportive mother she would watch it and b) that’s a really cool thing for a mother to do.

Red vs Blue Season 1-5: Random shit

Red vs Blue Seasons 6 on: Explaining the random shit

RvB Primary Character Arcs (by Season)


Seasons 1-5: Not much plot but I guess Church/Tex got the most out of what was there.
Seasons 6-8: Church/The Director
Seasons 9-10: Carolina/Tex/Maine
Seasons 11-12: Tucker/Wash

Now let’s do something crazy and make Season 13 SARGE CENTRIC WHAT DO YA SAY

I have a headcanon where Sarge was fighting alongside Allison when she died. 

That he was the one that broke the news to the Director.

That he was considered to be a freelancer, but the Director rejected him for failing to protect Allison.

And the chairman starts playing mind games with Sarge, attempting to convince him that all of this is his fault. 

Throughout season 13, the Chairman should keep sending the Reds and Blues letters, much like how he did with the Director. 

He talks about the reasons he has not to underestimate them, unlike their other opponents. Maybe he brings up Tucker’s skills, or Caboose’s strength, or Donut’s durability, or Sarge’s leadership experience, or the fact that Simmons and Grif are still alive at all. He always hints that he knows more about them, showing that he has become completely aware of who is real enemy is.

That’s all very scary and threatening, but it only happens every other episode.

The other half is member of the team sending the Chairman letters.

Just imagine it. Sarge making overdramatic threats, Donut and Tucker both making various innuendos, unintentionally or intentionally.

My favorite image is Caboose writing his to Santa.


Who gets the image song on the soundtrack?

Season 10 had York and, to some extent, Carolina.

9 had Donut the Musical and Bow Chicka Bow Wow

Revelations had Best Friend, I am the Best, and Sarge’s Blues.

It could possibly be Grif or Simmons, but their song could be considered the polka.


That leaves either one of the new characters or Wash.

Here’s what I really hope happens in Season 13:

Felix brags a few times over the season that they have someone who is important to the team.

He specifically mentions how SHE is related to one of them.

When he does this, the camera pans onto Carolina.

Later, when they invade a compound, they discover a heavily guarded Cryogenics chamber.

Carolina is the one who approches it, anticipating who she thinks is in the chamber.

And, after an extended absence from the series…

…Sister returns.


The Chairman’s trophy room can be filled with everything the Director ever made for project freelancer. Every weapon and piece of technology. Every computer, AI, and the equipment they run.

But he can never have his greatest creation.

True enough.

But you just know he has a place set out for her.